Monthly Archives: September 2014

Miranda July Animation


Using finger puppets, I wanted to portray the main events in Miranda July’s story “Lam Kien.” I was inspired to use finger puppets after looking in my closet in my old room at my parents’ house and seeing a bag of old Barbie clothes. I was difficult to keep the doll clothes on my finger while taking a picture with my other hand, but I was successful most of the time. Taking the extra time to tediously arrange the background in some of the shots paid off and created the look of the indoor scenes that I was going for. Using Adobe Premiere was a learning experience, but I figured out many of the basic very quickly. I chose to recreate the story “Lam Kien” because I could recreate many of the details and I found this story entertaining; Miranda July seems to connect so well with the little boy because she seems to possess a simplicity that many adults lose.