Monthly Archives: November 2014

Chance Operations Video

I recorded 20 minutes of video from my parking spot before my marching band rehearsal. I used this footage then to make random edits in Adobe Premiere. To devise my randomized system of editing, I assigned specific edits to cards in solitaire: the first card designated how many seconds the clip would be, the second card designated which effect folder I clicked on, the third card designated which effect within the previous folder would be applied and the fourth card designated the sequential placement in relationship to the rest of the clips. So for example, the very first clip seen was edited as follows: the first card I drew was a King which designated the length as 13 seconds, the second card I drew for it was 5 which pointed me to the fifth folder in the video effects, which is “distort,” the third card I drew was a three which pointed me to the “magnify” effect within the “distort” folder and the fourth card I drew was an Ace, which designated the clip’s placement as first in the entire sequence. If on the fourth card I drew a repeat, I would draw again so that I could assign each card a placement. The shooting and editing of this video were not lengthy or difficult, but I put a lot of focus and effort on devising my randomizing system.