Monthly Archives: January 2016

Week 1: Consumer Assemblage

I have two basic ideas so far:

  1. Purse Assemblage – I would fill a 3D template of a purse with consumable brands like Apple, Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Chipotle, Bank of America, etc. I would make these brands into 3D models or get 3D representations of these big brands. Since a purse is literally a bag to transport consumables, I thought this would be an interesting centerpiece for this project.


  1. Chemical Assemblage – In a world filled with processed foods, polyester-like clothing, plastics and more, I thought it would be interesting to make an assemblage out of chemical compounds. I would like to make 3D representations of the chemical compounds that make up plastic or other man-made materials and stick objects that these chemicals affect the most around them. For instance, a 3D model of the chemical compound diagram for a chemical used to genetically modify organisms could be attached to a chicken, a cow, a human, etc.