Monthly Archives: February 2016

Diorama: Updated concept sketch


Henry (the pig) is growing a human liver, pair of kidneys, lungs, breast and nose for me. I take care of him as a pet and when my organs fail or I want an updated look with new breasts or nose, I take him to the doctor with me and we undergo surgery together for an organ transplant or plastic surgery operation or whatever I need from him that he has grown from stem cells.

We are in a Walmart because that is the new place of worship. When the climatological bubble burst and our atmosphere started to take a steep and drastic dive, the CEO of Walmart came forward with the technology to save humanity and the planet. He had been secretly investing in environmental science and technology for years, but when the atmosphere started to fail and extreme UV started burning people alive, he saved everyone. So now we worship him and his business like we use to worship ancestral deities.

I still look young (except for my hair, which has grayed) thanks to Henry, he also grows my UV-protectant skin layer for me. I have this surgically placed over my own, still-youthful skin so that I can look young for years and years. Unfortunately, the tech hasn’t advanced to protect my hair, but I don’t like to dye it because I like how it makes me look older and wiser.