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First PanelPanels

 Second Panel

web panel 2

 Third Panel

web panel 3



Final TriptychTriptych



As I ordered thes panels, I wanted it to move from most chaotic to least chaotic. I combined more and more images in the panels as I moved from left to right. I created these triptychs using scans from magazines and U.S. patent books. I wanted to create the message of how all of our innovations have bogged us down; we can’t even keep up with ourselves anymore. The most difficult part in creating this project was choosing the effects in Photoshop to use– it was overwhelming. Overlaying certain effects over others to attain a specific look was difficult and took a lot of experimentation, but it was successful in the end. My images seem a little random and unrelated, so I wish that I had put more time into choosing which images to scan and include.