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Art Exhibit #2

Student Ceramics Show

The students in the advanced ceramics class put their pieces on display in the hallway gallery for their show “Raw”. Each one had an interesting use of materials and subjects. Some were extremely impactful and quite haunting.

My favorite piece was made by Dayle Pearson and it had a mangled piece of metal in a frozen block of ice. I thought that his use of ice was extremely clever. The ice allows the piece to be ever-changing and fluid with its presence and space. The metal inside of the ice was rusted and seemingly unusable, which I thought made a connection to our world’s extreme excess of materials. This piece was enjoyable to watch change every time I walked through the gallery space.

My other favorite piece was “Eat Me” by Kara Sewant. This piece consisted of framed opaque faces with hair in the mouths. It was an extremely eery piece because from far away, the things in the frames did not look like mouths or faces. The piece changed as the viewer got closer and closer. I think this piece’s form and nearly-flawless use of materials really made it stand out.